Friday, 16 January 2009

Why hand made crafts on this blog??

Because...hand made goods are generally made by people who care about what they make. It is a vocation not just a "job". You therefore can pretty much guarantee GOOD service. Thats why!

Hand Made Crafts

Spreading the word about The Hand Made Crafts site. It is now 48 hours later and we have 48 fans on facebook for Hand Made Crafts. Reciprocal links are flowing. Interest in the site is high. Probably time for some sleep!

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Vodafone Scammers

Not only do i get pestered every 5 minutes that I haven't answered my Voicemail, but when I do take the call, it says "Please dial 121 to listen to your message". But its 121 thats phoning!!
Why do I have to dial the same number to listen to the message? I know the answer but its still pisses me off!

Saturday, 9 December 2006

Dabs are good

To give a balance on this site. Use dabs for PC peripherals.


Need I say more. Probably the worst of all companies. When it was Cable and Wireless and you had a complaint - they paid for the call and it was picked up in under 5 minutes. Now you pay for the call and they take anywhere between 15-45 minutes to answer. Where is the incentive to get calls answered quickly?